Global | New briefing: “Energy systems that protect climate and health”

Health Care Without Harm is pleased to join other leading global health organizations in supporting the Health and Climate Network’s recently launched briefing on  “Energy systems that protect climate and health.” This is the second in a briefing series presenting the link between climate action and health. 

The paper puts forward policies regarding energy systems that can help tackle the climate crisis while also improving human health, allowing national governments to address two important challenges at the same time. Efforts to limit global heating to 1.5°C must go hand in hand with achieving fundamental health benefits.

Fossil fuels are the main source of greenhouse gases globally, therefore driving major climate-related health impacts. Burning them to produce energy is the leading cause of climate change and one of the world’s greatest health risks. 

Based on this, the Health and Climate Network developed a paper that provides recommendations to national governments to deliver healthy and sustainable energy systems for all people and a thriving planet:

  1. Improve human health and reduce premature deaths by phasing out fossil fuels and delivering sustainable energy for all. 
  2. End fossil fuel subsidies and ensure the price of fossil fuels reflects the true cost of their health and environmental impacts. 
  3. Eliminate deadly household air pollution by supporting clean cooking. 
  4. Ensure an equitable and just energy transition.

The report is available on the Wellcome Trust resource page. On this website, you can also find the other briefings in the series, focusing on diet and food, transport, and health.

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