Asia | Webinar on clean and healthy energy choices for health care

Asia | Webinar on clean and healthy energy choices for health care

As part of its webinar series, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Asia presents “Clean and Healthy Energy Choices for Health Care.”

Health and energy experts will present how our energy choices impact people’s health, the viability of renewable energy sources, and how health care systems and facilities can take the lead in the global movement to move away from fossil fuel-based energy.


Faye Ferrer, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Asia Coordinator
Dr. Renzo Guinto, Healthy Energy Initiative Campaigner
Engr. Roberto “Obet” Verzola, Philippine Greens Founder

Engr. Joe Barsaga, Philippine Heart Center

WHEN: 30th March …

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Asia | Experts Caution Over Coal Usage

Source: Business Standard

With increasing dependence of Asian countries on coal-driven power, public health experts said “addiction” of nations to coal coupled with climate change effects pose a “serious” threat to health equity.

According to Peter Orris, professor and chief of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago, in the US, south Asia will garner a “good deal” of attention in the coal-climate change link.

“Asia is the major producer and consumer of coal globally, even surpassing US. So Asia has really taken over and if …

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