Statements and Resolutions

The Healthy Energy Initiative and its partner organizations have been involved in coordinating, endorsing, or supporting the following health sector statements, resolutions, and actions related to a transition away from fossil fuels and toward healthy energy.



Statements and resolutions related to the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21)

  • Global | The Paris Platform for Healthy Energy (ongoing) — The Healthy Energy Initiative is seeking endorsements for this statement that serves as a guiding document — in the lead up to, during, and beyond COP21 — for the health sector’s efforts to mobilize globally and in key countries to advocate for healthy energy.
  • Global | WHO Call to Action — The World Health Organization is calling on the global health community to add its voice to the call for a strong and effective climate agreement, that will save lives, both now and in the future.
  • Global | Our Climate, Our Health — The Global Climate and Health Alliance is organizing this campaign to mobilize the global health community to act on climate change.
  • Global | 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge (ongoing) — Health Care Without Harm’s Global Green and Healthy Hospitals program is coordinating this leadership pledge by hospitals, health centers and health systems from across the globe to take meaningful action on climate change.
  • Global | Consensus Statement on the Health Impacts of Climate Change / Doctors for Climate Action — The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) is coordinating a Global Consensus Statement endorsed by international health and medical organisations, calling for meaningful action to be taken by leaders at the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference, COP21, this December in Paris. RACP has also launched an online campaign, ‘Doctors for Climate Action,’ for individual doctors and health professionals around the world to add their name to this call for action on the health impacts of climate change at COP21.