UK | UK Health Alliance on Climate Change welcomes government’s coal phase-out plan

The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (UKHACC) welcomed the UK government’s plan to phase-out coal use by 2025. As set out in their report ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, a complete end to UK coal use would prevent 1,600 premature deaths and save up to £3.1bn in costs due to ill health per year.

Pauline Castres, the UKHACC’s Policy and Communications Officer, writing in BMJ Blogs, said:

The UK’s metamorphosis from a coal-dependent nation to a zero-coal country could be an inspiration for countries questioning the feasibility of a coal free future. The country in which the industrial revolution began is now about to show the world that it is possible to say farewell to coal, without jeopardizing energy security, whilst also boosting the nation’s health. It sends a clear message: tackling climate change is not only about securing the future of our planet. It is also a massive opportunity to improve public health.

Learn more about the health and environmental benefits of UK’s coal phase-out in this infographic on the UKHACC’s six key recommendations for action on health and climate change:


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