South Africa | New Report Shows How Coal Power Is Turning Mpumalanga Highveld into Wasteland

At the launch of a new groundWork (Healthy Energy Initiative partner in South Africa) report entitled Destruction of the Highveld: Part 2 – Burning Coal in eMalahleni, “the place of coal”, yesterday, community members* confirmed the study’s findings that Eskom’s coal addiction is causing serious health problems and killing people in the Highveld. They also called for a community and worker-led process to drive a just transition, and end the way in which coal power is turning the Mpumalanga Highveld into a wasteland.

Furthermore, the report finds that people are already experiencing the severe effects of climate change and that a just transition requires the following:

  • A new energy system based on socially owned renewables;
  • New jobs in renewables;
  • Large scale restoration and detoxification of land and ecosystems injured by the fossil fuel economy on the Highveld;
  • A new and healthier food economy;
  • Properly built, energy efficient housing;
  • A new and healthier transport economy;
  • The reorientation and expansion of municipal services; and
  • A basic income grant for all.

Download the report from groundWork 

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