Global | The Health Impacts of Energy Choices: A Briefing Paper for the Health Community

HIEC_CoverThe Healthy Energy Initiative has launched a new briefing paper called The Health Impacts of Energy Choices. Developed for health care and public health professionals around the world, as well as a wider audience, this resource provides an overview of key health considerations in energy systems and energy policy. It recommends actions that can be undertaken by health professionals and policy makers to support energy choices that protect health.

Summary of The Health Impacts of Energy Choices

The exploitation of fossil fuels for energy generation has serious implications for human health through its contribution to both local pollution and global climate change. These health impacts also accrue into a heavy and largely unaccounted-for economic burden borne by communities, governments, and health systems. Health and climate co-benefits can be achieved by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and transitioning to clean, renewable energy. The health sector can play an important role in improving public understanding of the health impacts of energy choices and strengthening policy responses.

This briefing paper also features an exclusive comparison table of the public health, occupational health, and climate-related health implications of various energy sources.

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