Global | “Reaching a tipping point”: Climate a key issue at World Health Assembly

Almost six months after she helped broker a unanimous agreement among 195 governments in Paris, Christiana Figueres, head of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, came to the World Health Assembly to urge ministers of health to prioritize climate change. Figueres eloquently argued that “working on climate change is [our] best prevention strategy” and that ministers need to use “the health microphone… [to] translate what climate change actually means for real people.”

In his blog post, Health Care Without Harm’s Josh Karliner discusses how climate change — widely considered to be the greatest health threat of the century — broke through in a big way this year at the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

The post includes a discussion of the Health Ministers’ approval of WHO’s new Air Pollution Road Map, setting in motion a plan of action to curb fossil fuel combustion in order to tackle this serious environmental health risk that claims 7 million lives a year while simultaneously addressing climate change.

Read Karliner’s blog post on Medium.

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