Global | Climate Tracker Webinar on Climate, Air Pollution, and Health

The Healthy Energy Initiative participated in a lively webinar on Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Health on April 12, 2016, hosted by Climate Tracker in preparation for the worldwide Break Free from Fossil Fuels Campaign this May.

Jennifer Wang, the Healthy Energy Initiative’s global coordinator, joined speakers from the Laboratory of Experimental Air Pollution at the São Paulo School of Medicine and the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA), to discuss the evidence on the multifaceted health impacts of fossil fuels, as well as community and health sector initiatives to break free from fossil fuels and transition to healthy, renewable energy.

View the recording from the webinar below, and visit the Climate Tracker website for a written summary.

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Since 2009, the Climate Tracker initiative, as part of the Global Call for Climate Action, has identified and supported accomplished young climate activists with exceptional communications skills in publicly tracking their countries’ response to the climate change challenge – with a particular focus on the roles of their national governments in the context of UNFCCC negotiations. Last year, Climate Tracker supported young people across 107 countries to publish 2,000 articles about climate change, including more than 1,400 in trade or mainstream media.

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