Europe | #BeyondCoal: Launch of healthy energy campaign

On September 24, the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) launched the Prescription for a Healthy Energy Future for Europe, to shine a light on the health benefits the transformation of the energy sector will bring, and bring to the forefront those areas where change is urgently needed. We will eventually include transport and food production as well.

Over the next weeks, HEAL will be showcasing evidence and stories of 20 of Europe’s most health-problematic coal power plants, and developing solutions together with health experts and those whose health is affected by coal pollution.

Despite all commitments to climate action, Europe still a long way from kicking the fossil fuel habit. 257 coal power plants are still running across the European region (excluding Russia, Ukraine Belarus), and in the Balkans region and Turkey new projects are in the pipeline. The latest information on the EU countries commitments in the National Energy and Climate Plans show a gap between the 2030 goal for the renewables share and the actual investments at national level.

Learn more from HEAL.

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