Canada | Health Organizations Call for Faster Transition to Renewable Energies

Media Release – Toronto, April 18, 2018  The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) and nine other Canadian health organizations are calling on the Federal Government to phase-out coal plants with less reliance on natural gas.

“All ten health organizations strongly support the 2030 phase-out of Canada’s coal-fired power plants because of the many health benefits it will create for Canadians and for the leadership it demonstrates in international fora where climate solutions are discussed” offered Dr. Joe Vipond, Board Member with CAPE.  “However, we need the Federal Government to understand that the health and climate benefits will be greatly diminished if the phase-out is achieved by relying too heavily on natural gas as the alternative.”

The comments submitted on the proposed coal regulations by ten health organizations including The Lung Association, Asthma Canada, and the Canadian Public Health Association (OPHA) identify the need for the Federal Government to ensure that equivalency agreements with the provinces ensure that Canadians are protected from air pollution and mercury from coal plants.

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