Asia | Healthy Energy Initiative Hosts First Asia Regional Meeting

Climate and health leaders and networks from the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, China, India and Vietnam came together for the first Asia Regional Healthy Energy Initiative Meeting that took place in Seoul, South Korea from November 27 – 28, 2017, to strengthen commitments in fighting dirty energy sources, urge governments to transition to renewable energy, and lead the health care sector in global climate action.

In total, 35 participants from different NGOs in South Korea and the Philippines participated in the event that took place at Yonsei University. The goals of the meeting were:

  1. To level-off on the initiatives around climate, energy, and health that Healthy Energy Initiative partners are working on in their respective countries
  2. To identify areas of collaboration for 2018
  3. To weave a regional plan of collaboration based on identified common strands of work
  4. To introduce the Healthy Energy Initiative to and rope in more partners from the larger South Korean Health Sector

One of the participants, Dr. Ha, hospital administrator from Seoul National University mentioned: “At the end of the day, climate change, energy choices and its health impacts on the general public is huge.” 

Duties, engagements and next steps have been drafted during the regional meeting and our health care leaders and partners are indeed resolute in bringing the sector at the center of the global climate narrative that will usher in a green and healthy planet for the people.

Speakers and presentation:

  • Jennifer Wang (Health Care Without Harm) – Introduction to Healthy Energy Initiative
  • Shweta Naraya (Public Health Foundation of India) – Healthy Energy Initiatives in India
  • Ho Kim (Seoul National University) – Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Health
  • Woo-Kyun Lee (Korea University) – Activities of Korean Forum for Climate Change, Energy, and Health
  • JiWon Ha (EcoMom Korea)
  • Ang Zhao (Rock Environment and Energy Institute) – Climate, Energy and Health initiatives in China
  • Fajri Fadhillah (Indonesian Center for Environmental Law) -Indonesia initiatives around Climate, Energy and Health
  • Paeng Lopez (Health Care Without Harm) – Healthy Energy Initiative and Philippine Energy-Health Connection
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